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The 2021 Santa Fe Trail Bicentennial Symposium

Bent’s Fort Chapter Event

La Junta, Colorado

September 23-26, 2021

The Santa Fe Trail Lives On:

200 Years of Commerce & Cultural Connections

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Trail Tours

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Southeastern Colorado and the Santa Fe Trail


Selected Towns, Historical Sites, and Points of Interest

Three trail tours are planned for the 2021 Santa Fe Trail Symposium. A brief description of the tours is given below, as well as links to more details about each tour. Registration for the tours is open to the general public as well as Santa Fe Trail Association members. Please note that Tag-alongs will not be permitted.

Trail Tour 1: They Followed the Water

Thursday, September 23rd

This 5.5 hour round trip tour will start at La Junta, and travel southwest along highway 350 as far as Thatcher, Colorado. The tour will make stops at historic Sierra Vista, Hole in The Rock, a wagon track site, Iron Springs and at Timpas Creek. For more particulars about Trail Tour 1.

Trail Tour 2: Headed Back to Independence

Friday, September 24th

Trail Tour 2 is an all day, 9-hour tour starting at La Junta and traveling eastward as far as Bent’s New Fort. Stops will be made at Fort Lyon II, a wagon rut site, Bent’s New Fort/Fort Wise/Fort Lyon I, and winding up the tour at Bent’s Old Fort. Some moderate/uphill walking is required. For more particulars about Trail Tour 2. Trail Tour 2.   

Trail Tour 3: Walking in the Footsteps of the Past

Saturday, September 25th

Link to Particulars