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Santa Fe Trail Association

Bent’s Old Fort NHS

Otero Junior College

City of La Junta

Koshare Indian Museum

The 2021 Santa Fe Trail Bicentennial Symposium

Bent’s Fort Chapter Event

La Junta, Colorado

September 23-26, 2021

The Santa Fe Trail Lives On:

200 Years of Commerce & Cultural Connections

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Bents Fort Chapter Home

Artists, Authors, Musicians, Craftsmen & Vendors

No further applications for vendors will be accepted for this event. Approved vendors, artists, authors and craftsmen are shown below

Alex Aldred


The First Woman of the New Bent's Old Fort

Liane Brown

Santa Fe Buffalo Designs

Santa Fe Buffalo Designs

Bob DeWitt



Fester Nakaya


Museum of the Fur Trade

Inga Ojala


Western Art

Francois-Marie Patorni


The French in New Mexico

Mike Simpson


Art of the Santa Fe Trail & Old Spanish Trail

Lewis Williams


Santa Fe Trail Art

Doc Jones


Western Art

Lynn Horner


Treasured Stories LLC

Katie Peterson


Metcalf Archeological Consultants

Doug Hocking


Death on the Santa Fe Trail Terror on the Santa Fe Trail

And a Special Thank You to the following individuals who are providing items for the Silent Auction in support of the Santa Fe Trails Association.

Inga Ojala

Rod Podzus

Other Organizations Represented at the Symposium

Oregon-California Trails Association

Sand Creek National Historic Site

United States Postal Service-USPS Pictorial Postal Cancellation Stamp

Otero County Preservation CLG

St. Vrain Foundation for Historical Preservation

Special Santa Fe Trail Association Symposium Displays

Owl Woman Portrait - Deborah Courtney

Santa Fe Trail Quilt - Roberta Seeley